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Sound-Based Puzzle Horror - Unity

In Abyssal Lament, you are dropped into a Lovecraftian Nightmare, and the only way to get out is to collect keys around the circular maze while you are being hunted by monsters in the depths. The keys call out to you with different sounds, and it's up to you to navigate the maze and filter the various sounds in the environment to find them, all while being hunted by a creature of unimaginable horror, armed only with a flashlight and your wits. 

This game, a vertical slice, was developed over a single semester as a class project with 11 other classmates. 

As the lead programmer, I was responsible for delegating with the other 2 programmers and helping them with their tasks, as well as developing some of the main gameplay mechanics myself, such as the interaction system and puzzle mechanics.

Abyssal Lament: List
Abyssal Lament: Pro Gallery
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