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Rhythm - Unity

Our spirited protagonist, Dyscophus, having danced with unstoppable fervor, stoked the Gods' jealousy. As punishment, he is now eternally condemned to shimmy his way up to the ultimate party on Mount Olympus!

To play this Disco-flavored twist on the Sisyphus myth, you simply ride the funky flow. Use the left, right, up, and down arrow keys to tap those notes perfectly as they groove down the Mountain of Disco Delight, but beware, this isn't just any regular dance-off.

As you ascend to the peak, you'll encounter all sorts of jive obstacles, and if you miss a step or two, Hades himself, that old Buzzkill, creeps ever closer. The worst part about Ol’ Buzzkill’s arrival is that it’s not just a major bummer, his appearance could even lead to GAME OVER, man!

Defy the odds (and the Gods) with every funky step you take in this groovy rhythm extravaganza!

Dyscophus: List
Dyscophus: Image
Dyscophus: Pro Gallery
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